Better blocking

Blocking people on social media is important, and for those who the people are a trigger for, its especially important.


However, there's a variety of issues that I've seen popup.


-You can see the number of comments that have been made, meaning you still know they have participated in the conversation. When you are talking about someone who is a trigger, even that knowledge can be too much.


-Being able to see the comments the person made if you were looking at the conversation they were discussing on as they made them; a refresh being required to make them disappear.


-Not being allowed to reblock someone for 24+ hours. If an event is planned, and you can't see whether they are going, and that knowledge is critical to your ability to go, then you might need to unblock them to see if you can go. However, if you do so, then you're not allowed to reblock them afterwards, even though unblocked you feel very unsafe.


Fixing it so that blocking can be safe for people who NEED someone blocked, would make social media much more accessible.


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