If you didn't know how to use a computer, what would you do?

People and especially people who are undeserved in this area (people with disabilities) need the opportunity to learn and get training about various technologies.


Recently I heard from over a hundred people with disabilities many of whom communicated that they don't know how to use a computer. Think about if you didn't know how (but wanted to learn) to use a computer (let alone social media tools). How frustrated and disconnected would you feel when it seems like everyone else knows something very important that you don't know. People should be given the supports they need to be included in the tech and online world we are apart of.


We need to help change happen. Funding needs to exist to help people learn technology and not just once and not just one tool; computers and tech are a life long learning experience. If you know of any grants or funding for training in this area, please post information to this idea. Thank you. -Jen Gossett


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