Social Media Job Recruitment

If a company wants to recruit job candidates via social media, it will only be able to reach those individuals who can receive and interpret the content being shared.


Complex processes, marketing and/or public relations material included on job postings creates job postings that are difficult to understand how to apply, to cluttered to navigate and/or unreadable.


I find government job postings to be complex because I do not speak the speak. There is guidance on how to translate government/military skills into private sector speak but I have not found one that translates private sector skills into government/military speak.


In a group which experiences high unemployment it all starts with the accessibility, readability and simplicity of the process in applying for jobs. The job posting should focus on knowledge, skills and abilities, experience and education with information on how and where to apply.


Think simple, concise and use more white space. If a candidate needs or wants to read more then provide means to access that information at the end of the announcement.


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